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Systagenix steps up in the world of wound healing by launching their new brand identity

Let’s Heal: Systagenix steps up in the world of wound healing by launching their new brand identity

Starting from November Systagenix will unveil their new corporate look and brand identity.

“Innovation doesn’t come easy” says Steve Atkinson, Systagenix CEO “and neither do great brands, yet our team have been responsible for many innovations within this field over the last four decades. We are now introducing the world’s first rapid point of care test in wound care to help clinicians choose the most appropriate dressings and therapies for their patients and monitor their efficacy over time. With over 20 million chronic wounds in the world every year, anyone close to the world of wound care knows this is going to be revolutionary. The introduction of wound diagnostics helps us to further develop our integrated wound healing system, by finally being able to provide “test & treat” algorithms”.

Paolo Di Vincenzo, Systagenix Vice President of Global Marketing, adds: “Brand Systagenix must reflect our passion and agility to drive innovation that has just one goal: to help heal wounds, fast. This is captured by our call to action: ‘Let’s Heal’, which represents our unique integrated wound healing system, built of four categories:

Let’s Test: to finally give wound care tools to aid a correct and timely diagnosis just like in any other area of medicine nowadays

Let’s Protect: to protect from infection, with unique products, including SILVERCEL NON-ADHERENT...the antimicrobial designed not to stick to wounds...

Let’s Promote
: to promote wound healing in ways that standard dressing can’t do, and

Let’s Comfort: to provide a comfortable and effective healing environment for all types of wounds.”



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